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I’m Jeremy Scott, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Reebok Athlete, This is How I Bring Success Into Focus

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I’m Jeremy Scott, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model & Reebok Athlete, This is How I Bring Success Into Focus

The Bringing Success Into Focus series asks experts, entrepreneurs, athletes, and masters of their craft to share how they bring focus and concentration into their daily life so that they can perform and achieve at high level. Do you have someone you would like to see featured? Have a question you’d like to ask Drop us an email


Name: Jeremy Scott
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Current Gig: Owner of Jeremy Scott Fitness, Fitness Model, Reebok Athlete
One word that best describes how you stay focused: Inspired
Current wake time: 3:50am

As an entrepreneur with a busy schedule how to you manage to stay focused and on task with increasing demands?

I schedule everything it’s mandatory for me. If it matters to me then I schedule it and write it down. I have far too many daily obligations not to do this. I also create a checklist each night of tasks that need to be the next day in order of importance.

What do you do in order to keep your mind clear so that you can work at your best?

I take time to be mindful at various times throughout the day.

Gaps of anywhere from 5-20 minutes as needed to just sit or drive in most cases in silence, it’s a great time to gather my thoughts or just “zone out” if necessary.  Also, I find when we can escape work, email, phones calls and just be alone this is where our creativity and ideas come alive.


Do you have any rituals that you use to stay focused?

Schedule and set deadlines, even if they are only internal deadlines for me to stick to. I often play productivity games to see how much I can accomplish in just 30 or 60 minutes of dedicated time. For example, I’ll set a timer for 1 hours and see how many emails or calls I can make before the timer goes off.  It becomes almost like a game to see how much I can accomplish in just 30 or 60 minutes of dedicated time.

How do you work to keep your brain and memory sharp?

The biggest thing for me is making sure I get enough “restorative” sleep. My goal is to get at least 6 hours of high quality uninterrupted sleep every night. I also know my learning style, I am auditory learner so I remember best when I hear things. Audiobooks, videos, and really listening when people speak helps me stay on point.

I also like to complete a simple recapping my day and planning for the next day. I think about what I did from when I woke up to when I got to sleep. I then think imagine the next day and what I need to focus on and accomplish.


Do you use or recommend any apps, foods, or books for people looking to improve memory, focus, and/or productivity?

Cerevan (of course) as well as a high quality Omega-3 supplement. I think that combination can do wonders for you. I also really believe in writing things down, either on a desk calendar, in your phone calendar, notebook, sticky notes and just looking them over each night and early morning. Often times I will read over my tasks out loud to myself which seems to help keep them in the front of my mind and me on task.


Thanks Jeremy!!

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Mike Roussell
Mike Roussell


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