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I’m Mike Robertson, Strength Coach & Co-Owner of I-FAST, This is How I Bring Success Into Focus

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I’m Mike Robertson, Strength Coach & Co-Owner of I-FAST, This is How I Bring Success Into Focus

The Bringing Success Into Focus series asks experts, entrepreneurs, athletes, and masters of their craft to share how they bring focus and concentration into their daily life so that they can perform and achieve at high level. Do you have someone you would like to see featured? Have a question you’d like to ask Drop us an email


Name: Mike Robertson
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Current Gig: Co-Owner of Indianapolis Fitness & Sports Training, Owner Robertson Training Systems
One word that best describes how you stay focused: Organized
Current wake time: 6:15am

As an entrepreneur with a busy schedule how to you manage to stay focused and on task with increasing demands?

For me, it all comes down to organization.

Every night, I script my entire next day. This includes not only my set appointments, but also what I need to achieve during “down times” to make sure I get all my projects done.

Each weekend, I layout and organize my entire week, which helps me see the big picture and what needs to be done on a macro level to keep things moving along.

Last but not least, I use a Kanban board (via to help visualize not only my tasks and projects, but my workflow as well.

What do you do in order to keep your mind clear so that you can work at your best?

I have a couple little people running around my house, so keeping my mind clear isn’t nearly as consistent as I would like :)

Again, I think a big focal point for me here is organization. If I’m not focused and organized, then there’s really no hope.

Second, I think brain dumps are huge. I get a ton of random ideas throughout the day, so I always have either my phone or a pad and paper nearby to jot them down and get them out of my head. I can take them into my Kanban board later on for processing.

Last but not least, meditation has been huge for me. I can tell a significant difference my focus and clarity of thought when I’m dedicated to my meditation, versus the times when I’m not.


Do you have any rituals that you use to stay focused?

Most definitely!

For me, I’m big on productivity in the morning – if I can get up and get something done first thing, I feel like I’ve won my day.

My morning ritual looks like this:

  1. Take HRV
  2. Journal and write things I’m grateful for,
  3. Work through my mindset sheet (basically track how my previous day went),
  4. Review my training sessions for the day, and
  5. Knock out one piece of productive work before the kiddos get up. In reality, though, my productivity starts the night before. As I alluded to above, I’m big on planning and strategizing my day in the evening, as I’m sure to hit the ground running.

How do you work to keep your brain and memory sharp?

I don’t think there’s any secret sauce here – sleep, diet, exercise, and supplementation. I’m also big on putting my phone down and/or turning it off the second I go home, so that I can really connect with my family.


Do you use or recommend any apps, foods, or books for people looking to improve memory, focus, and/or productivity?

I’ve just started using my Neuro Coffee and Cerevan, and I feel like I can tell a distinct difference in my focus. Even in cluttered and/or busy environments, I feel like I can dial in and still get work done. That wasn’t always the case before.

For productivity and focus, my favorite apps are Lean Kit (for big picture planning and workflow), and ToDoist to help me remember recurring tasks that happen on a weekly, monthly or even less regular basis.

Basically, I’m all about externalizing my memory for menial tasks, so that I can focus on the truly important tasks and activities I have going on in life.


Thanks Mike!!

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Mike Roussell
Mike Roussell


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