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Strengthen The Mind-Muscle Connection with Cerevan

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Strengthen The Mind-Muscle Connection with Cerevan

This June at the annual conference for the International Society of Sports Nutrition new research about Cerevan was presented for the first time highlighting Cerevan's ability to strengthen the mind-muscle connection.

In this study, 142 physically active men and women were separated into either the supplement group or the placebo/control group. The supplement group took the primary ingredient in Cerevan (Neumentix, a patented spearmint extract) every day for 90 days.

The subjects' mind-muscle connection was tested via the Makoto Arena device. The Makoto Arena device (shown below) can be used to measure reaction time to stimuli, mental focus and hand-eye, foot-eye coordination. 

In this most recent study participants were tested at the start of the study, after 7 days, 30, days, and 90 days.

After only 7 days of taking the primary ingredient in Cerevan these healthy active men and women experienced improvements in reaction time. At the 30 day testing time point, study participants displayed improvements in both agility and focus. The people in the study that were supplementing with the Cerevan ingredient showed not just an improvement in reaction time but accuracy in their decision making as they reacted. 

I find the results of this study to be so interesting for the following two reasons. 

1. Increase Reaction Performance

This study is one of the first that I have seen in which a supplement can increase the mind-muscle connection to improve not just reaction time but reaction time plus accuracy when a decision is being made. Improving reaction performance is extremely valuable to athletes. In competition, you don't just need to react, you need to react and make the correct decision. We now have scientific evidence to show that Cerevan can help with that!

2. Sustained Focus

There have been 2 previous smaller studies that have shown us that the primary ingredient in Cerevan can help with attention and focus. The first study was looking at the immediate effects on attention and showed significant increases in as little as two hours. The second study looked at the ability of Cerevan to increase attention and focus in both college aged individuals and working professionals. In this study as with the first, after taking a single dose of Cerevan, attention and focus were increased. This new study shows that with continued used of Cerevan you will experience sustained attention and focus

This is so important as generally when you are looking to improve focus you would reach for a stimulate like caffeine. Unfortunately, the effects of something like caffeine are short lived as your body adapts to the supplement making it less effective. This is why 1 cup of coffee used to be enough to get you going in the morning but then overtime you needed to start drinking 2 or 3 cups to get the same effect. 

This new study shows that Cerevan's impact on your focus and attention get better the longer you take it. 

It is great to have another study that has identified new ways (e.g. reaction performance) and validated old ways (e.g. focus and attention) that Cerevan can improve your ability to be your best day in and day out.

Mike Roussell
Mike Roussell


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