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Double Your Productivity Challenge (Starts 8/9/17)

We're Entrepreneurs That Have Built Businesses From The Ground Up With Nothing But Our Time And Effort...Through Years of In-The-Trenches Trial and Error We've Identified Key Stratigies That Entrep... Keep Reading

We're Entrepreneurs That Have Built Businesses From The Ground Up With Nothing But Our Time And Effort...Through Years of In-The-Trenches Trial and Error We've Identified Key Stratigies That Entreprenuer's Like You Must Employed To Maximize Productivity And Effectiveness.

In the 2X Your Productivity Challenge we don't just share these strategies with you - we help you adopt them to your unique business and life.

Your Coaches

  • Pat Rigsby - Serial Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author
  • Mike Roussell, PhD - Entreprenuer & Formulator of Cerevan

Course Curriculum

  • Prelude: Creating Your Productivity Framework
  • Week 1: How to Navigate Your New Productive Life
  • Week 2: Ensuring You Are Not Just Busy, But Effective.
  • Week 3: Flow, Focus, and Deep Work - On Demand
  • Week 4: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Productivity in Real Life

Here are just some of what we'll cover with you...

How Get Laser Focused On the Right Things: Pat has taken his experience in coaching tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to create this 5 Day Prelude to designed to help you identify what is truely important to you at the higest level. Once we have identifed your one thing, we'll talk you through the process of distilling down the achievement of your one thing via monthly, weekly, and daily objectives and actions.

How to Use the A->D->E Method to Level Up Your Productivty Each Morning in Less than 5 minutes: During your second day in the Challenge Dr. Mike will outline for you his A->D->E Method for gaining instant clarity on the things that you should (or should not) do on your todo list. He attributes this process as being key for allowing him to publish 2 books, 3 scientific papers, and launch a nutrition consulting business while still earning his doctorate in nutrition 6 months faster than he projected.

Undergo to a Full Blown Busy or Effective Audit to Empower Yourself to Cut Loose Busy Work from Your Day: Week 2 of the Challenge is entirely focused on enhancing your per minute effectiveness at work. Pat and Dr. Mike will coach you through their specific work audits and planning sessions that will help you cut out the busy work so that you can foscus on the tasks that are most effective for you to complete in your business.

Unlock the Power of Brain Space To Solve Key Problems In Your Business by Not Thinking About Them: As entrepreneurs we know how difficult it can be to meet all the obligations on our time? How can you get it all done in the limited 24 hours you are given each day? The answer lies in the power of Brain Space and the neuroscience of overcoming mental roadblocks. We'll show you how you can put these top level brain hacks to work on command.

Mastering Productivity in Real Life: Life is not a clean check list that you get to move through uninterrupted each day. Issues at work come up, family needs arise, somedays you just don't have the energy or focus for deep work. Pat will coach you through molding the 2x Your Productivity system to fit your life regardless of what arises each day so that at the end of the day you finish feeling productive and accomplished.

How to Leverage Curated Technological Resources To Double Your Output: Just because there is an app for everything doesn't mean that you should be using them all. Dr. Mike and Pat will share with you the battled tested apps and services that they use so that you can better leverage technology to maximize your time effectivness in your business.


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